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From in-home visits to overnight stays, private dog walks to dedicated cat care, we offer a range of professional pet sitting services designed around your pet's unique needs. Committed to their comfort and well-being, we're here to ensure your furry friends receive the top-quality care they deserve, even when you can't be there.

What We

Overnight Stay & Care

​Overnight hours are approx. 8pm-8am and include one midday drop-in. See Drop-Ins/Walks if additional time is needed during the day.

  • Single Pet Overnight $100

  • Additional Dog $5-$30+

  • Additional Cat $0-$10+

  • Holiday Overnight $130+

  • Special Needs, see Constant Care or Add-Ons

Private Dog Walk

​If your beloved Fido won't enjoy 30 minutes of continuous outdoor time, please choose In-Home Visits instead. 

  • 30 min Walk, Single Dog $25

  • Additional 30 min $15

  • Additional Dog, Inquire for pricing

  • 30 min Holiday Walk, Single Dog $35

Constant Care

Our Constant Care service offers round-the-clock, personalized attention for pets needing extra care. Ideal for puppies, senior pets, pets with health conditions, or those just needing a little extra TLC. Can be tailored to meet your needs; we can provide 30 min Visits, 60 min Visits, Overnight Stays, 8-12 hour Daily Stays, or 24-hour care within this service.

  • Inquire for Pricing

In-Home Visit

  • 30 min Visit, Single Pet $25

  • Additional Dog $5-$10+

  • Additional Cat $0-$5+

  • Additional 30 min +$15

  • 30 min Holiday Visit $35

  • Special Needs, see Constant Care or Add-Ons

Cat Care

  • 30 min Visit, Single Cat $25

  • Additional Cat, per Visit $0-$5

  • Overnight Stay, Single Cat $100

  • Overnight, Additional Cat $0-$10+

  • Holiday Overnight $130+

  • 30 min Holiday Visit $35

  • Litter Box Deep Clean, $15+

  • Special Needs, see Constant Care or Add-Ons


Enhance your pet's care experience with our tailored add-on services. From extended walks and special treats, to medication administration or extra cuddle time, we offer a range of additional options to meet your pet's unique needs and preferences.

  • Inquire for Pricing

5/5 Stars - Our dogs and cats enjoyed themselves, and recommend Genie's services. 

Chris B.

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